Those who are most responsible for processing and providing data on the novel coronavirus outbreak have been under a political hailstorm since the very first case, risking not only their lives, but the jobs as well — and all just to do what is right for the rest of us. But that doesn’t seem to matter to West Virginia Governor Jim Justice, who questions the reliability of coronavirus case count numbers.

Point in fact, Justice forced the resignation of Cathy Slemp, the commissioner for the public health bureau and a state health officer who has served for many years. Justice (an ironic name) did this only hours after suggesting that his state’s caseload might be overblown, a tactic directly out of President Trump’s playbook.

Justice said earlier, “If we were on our game here, in DHHR (Department of Health and Human Resources) and Dr. Slemp’s office, if we’re on our game and you’re listening to the governor say that there’s six active cases at Huttonsville and you’re looking at the reports that you’re putting together and sending them to me on active cases and you’re looking at Randolph County and they’re reporting a hundred-and-some-odd cases, then you’re not doing your job.”

This seems to line up quite nicely with the conservative war against facts coming from those who know best.

Current coronavirus cases have been tracked from South Carolina, where people have traveled to and from for Memorial Day, and church services held in three counties without taking appropriate precautions.

Justice has also failed to implement preventative measures such as mandating face masks, which are known to help prevent the spread of coronavirus from those who are infected to those who are not. His reason why? Because it would be far too “political.”

That’s your governor, folks. Lives apparently aren’t worth saving because of politics.

For those of you who are in need of some exercise, please use caution on trails and in outdoor spaces. Keep six feet in between yourself and others, and wear a mask when in close proximity to other travelers.

Coronavirus Cases On The Rise Again