Wild plants are often associated with being poisonous, and something to stay far away from but that isn’t always the truth.

In fact, five wild plants are safe to eat and can be added to your cuisine if that is what you want to do.

Here is a look at those five wild plants.

1) Asparagus

Yes, these are plants you can find at the supermarket and are great for adding to your diet. They are great and filled with a robust amount of nutrients for those who wish to stay health year-round. They do a fantastic job of cleaning the digestive system.

2) Pine

Now, this is a wild plant most people don’t even think about, but it is one that has a lot of nourishment on offer. You can also use it for medicinal purposes due to the vitamin C that is found inside of it when turned into a paste.

3) Daylily

Now, this isn’t like the tiger lily which is poisonous. The daylily can be consumed and has a plethora of benefits to offer.

It tastes great and can be added to your salad.

4) Hazelnuts

These are nutritious and come from the hazelnut tree. They do have the right nutrients and are a joy for those who like nuts.

5) Acorn

Now, the main thing people are going to associate with the acorn is its taste. These are bitter, but they are consumable.

You will be able to put them in a meal and get great taste, which is why people cook it before putting it into their mouth.

Five Wild Plants That Are Safe To Eat