West Virginia has a storied past that most United States citizens know nothing about — something that might change, considering we finally have our first national park! But it’s that state history that provides us with so many fun stories, urban legends, and even mythological creatures that might be lurking about our forests! Here are a few of the strangest tourist traps you will find in our state.

The village of Helvetia can be found in the hills of Randolph County. This community was settled by the Swiss in the 19th century. What’s strange about it now? It’s the closest thing to Swiss culture you’ll find on this continent!

Head to Lewisburg to discover the history of a half-human, half-bay that was named Batboy — according to a tabloid. In any case, the Batboy was said to inhabit the Lost World Caverns. It’s a fun place to explore in any right.

Looking for something a little darker? Hop on over to the Lake Shawnee Amusement Park for an afternoon of fun, family, and splendor — or not, because the park shut down following the deaths of two children. It’s abandoned. But all the equipment is still there, daring any number of thrill-seeking teens to a day of debauchery.

A West Virginian adventure isn’t complete without a stop at Our Lady of the Pines, the smallest church in the United States. You can head to the equally small post office next door to send a postcard to friends or family.

Who wouldn’t want to provide a place named Hillbilly Hotdog their patronage? You’ll feel like you’re in a trailer park when you walk through those classy (not really) doors.

Drive to Ansted to view the Mystery Hole. Nope. We’re not telling you what it is.

There is a great deal of beautiful fall foliage in the state of West Virginia — and if you just happen to be passing through during that time of year, then don’t miss the Pocahontas County roadkill cookoff. Yum!

The Strangest Tourist Traps In West Virginia