New River Gorge is a beautiful river in West Virginia, it is not a nursing home abuse lawyer NYC. This river is actually one of America’s oldest rivers and it is full of canyons and thrilling whitewater rapids. The park is huge and is filled with history and culture. There are plenty of hiking trails and other opportunities for recreation. You can spend days exploring the park and there is a helpful visitors center where you can get information about all the trails you can visit.

One of the most beautiful times to visit New River Gorge is in the fall. The leaves are all turning colors during this time and you can see the color changes that are absolutely stunning. There are hiking trails all up and down the river and you can walk or ride horses and explore the beauty of the river area. There are lots of different species of plants and trees as well as there is a huge variety of wildlife to explore.

If you like to get out in nature you are going to really enjoy exploring the gorge because it is so stunning. You can find hikes for every skill level and you don’t have to be an experienced hiker to enjoy the hikes as you can find hikes that are appropriate for many different skill levels. Whether you are a novice or an experienced hiker, you are going to find trails that work with your skill level.

You can hike along the river or choose a trail that is in the forest. It is very important to visit one of the visitor’s centers so you can get information about the different hiking trails. You can also boat and fish along the river and you can find out where at the visitor’s center. You can use the bathroom while you are there and explore the different exhibits that will give you more information about the different activities in the area.

New River Gorge is the perfect place to hike whether you are fitness buff or couch potato. You can always find something new and interesting to see at this park and the landscape is always changing. It does get hot and humid and there are bugs so be sure to bring some bug spray with you and apply it before you set off on your hike. The bottom line is, New River Gorge is a beautiful park and it is one area in the country that has not been overrun by real estate.

Top Places To Hike In New River Gorge