West Virginia is home to some of the greatest parks, wildlife refuges, tourist centers, and historical landmarks in the country, and any visit is sure to be breathtaking. No matter what time of year you visit, we’re sure you won’t want to leave anytime soon. Spring and summer are inviting for all the right reasons, and an autumn visit will leave you stunned at the great color and variety. Here are some of the best tourist attractions that West Virginia offers.

No visit is complete without an outdoors visit to the ironically named New River Gorge, where you’ll find a stunning river vista. It’s one of the oldest free-flowing rivers in North America. The water comes down from the Appalachian Plateau, carving out a great geographical treat appropriate for white water rafting, tubing, and kayaking. You’ll have plenty of other options as well: fish, hike, or take a zipline through the gorge. The bridge above is the longest steel span in the northern hemisphere, and the third highest in the United States.

Sometimes it feels like we have every nook and cranny of this world explored, but that’s completely inaccurate. We haven’t explored a fraction of the ocean floors, nor have we discovered even remotely close to every corner or the caverns just beneath us. The limestone bed that helped form the Seneca Caverns will surprise and delight you. You can join a guided tour if you’re brave enough to explore the slippery depths 165 feet below.

In Davis, West Virginia you’ll find Blackwater Falls, Elakala Falls, and Pendleton Falls, all of which provide unbeatable sights. In some places there are fishing, swimming, and camping options available. The Blackwater River flows through an eight mile gorge that you can hike to or look out over using the viewing platforms available for sightseers.

If you’re in the mood for unforgettable history, head on over to Harpers Ferry National Historical Park. It’s located in a small community alongside the Shenandoah and Potomac Rivers, where you can get up to speed on the events that preceded the opening volleys of the Civil War. This is where John Brown attacked the United States arsenal soon before in 1859.

The citizens of West Virginia will welcome you with open arms, and you’ll notice that their entrepreneurial and commercial spirit is infused with southern hospitality you won’t find anywhere else. If you’re looking for a great time with great places, people, and food without the need to break the bank, then West Virginia should be your next stop!

Tourist Attractions in West Virginia