America is a spacious country running from one coast of a continent to the other, and while most folks live in cities, the urban areas only take so much of the square mileage within the nation’s boundaries. If you’re like many other millions of your fellow citizens, you take any chance to explore and enjoy the tracts of wilderness nearly ever state has to offer. Whether it’s hiking, camping, rafting, fishing, hunting, or something else, the outdoors are a chance to release stress, unwind, and commune with nature.

It’s usually a safe thing to do if you’re healthy, experienced, and properly equipped. However, what should you do if you are hurt in the wild? A lot of that will depend on how many others are with you.

The first thing of course is to administer any applicable first aid necessary for your injury or ailment. If others are with you, make sure they help you. If necessary, have one of them call or signal for emergency assistance should you need it. Hopefully, you have enough people with you to possibly carry you out of there.

It’s good to travel with no less than four people. The rule for that is so that one person can stay with someone injured, and two more can go for help and still be in a buddy system.

If you’re on your own, try your wireless signal, but that’s not always possible in the wilderness. Try to stay or get somewhere that you might come across others. If need be, light a trio of signal fires as a distress signal, but these might not work until someone is actually looking for you, so make sure someone knows where you’re going and when you’re due back.

If someone else might be at fault for your injury, it might be worth it to talk to a lawyer or attorney that deals with accident injuries.  Consultations are usually free, so there is very little risk involved. You might want to also consider estate planning.

What Should You Do If You Are Hurt In The Wild?