You might remember the last time you said, “Let’s go do something fun!” But when was the last time the answer was, “Let’s go ziplining!” Even though it’s a wild ride and will get the heart pumping, some of the more recent activities we’ve discussed — like rock climbing, mountain bike riding, or skydiving — have greater popularity. But those who’ve gone ziplining from a serious course are often hooked for life. What greater way to experience nature’s beauty than from up above and while racing through the air?

The best zipline rides are the ones that last more than a few seconds. Try Mega Zip Line at River Riders in Harpers Ferry for a 2100-foot-long ride. It’s still short because you’re going 50 mph, but that’s what makes it such a rush!

Another great option is the 2500-foot line in Burning Rock Express, Sophia. This one goes 60 mph and reduces your altitude by a moderate 300 feet. Whoooosh!

Other great options include the Gravity Course at Adventures on the Gorge in Lansing, Grand Vue Park’s Canopy Ride in Moundsville, The Plunge at ACE Adventure Resort in Minden (but keep in mind it’s short), and WVU’s Research Forest in Bruceton Mills. 

You’ll find the longest line along the East Coast at AdrenaLine on the aforementioned Gorge in Lansing. From the zipline platforms, you’ll scout three different counties. 

Depending on when you go ziplining, you’ll need to make sure you’re dressed for the occasion. Not every course closes down in winter, so make sure you’ll be warm and toasty — it can get very windy up there. Your guides will provide you with all the requisite information and safety tips to get you flying down one of the zipline courses in no time, but most places have a training station where you can practice maneuvering before you take on the real thing. And that’s when the fun begins.

Where To Go Ziplining In West Virginia