Most people assume that hiking is best done in spring and ends with the start of summer. However, it’s the best time to hike would be during fall and early winter, especially if you’re hiking in the national parks. During this time, the hiking trails are less crowded than summer allowing you to take many photos of the scenery. Here are a few reasons why hiking in fall or winter is definitely a good idea.

• Less Crowds
During this time, you should find less people in the hiking trails so you can always do it at your own pace. You don’t have to step on anyone’s toes and hire a criminal defense lawyer to protect your rights while you’re hiking. Additionally, you can always do it at your own pace without worrying about if you’re being left behind or the group behind you doesn’t give you enough peace to hike comfortably.

• The Fall Foliage
Fall is always characterized by the best foliage. It’s the best time to walk through the forest and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Fall foliage always produces the most beautiful display of color and it’s something you shouldn’t miss. There’s the radiant red, golden yellow and much more mosaic features that are always short-lived. Therefore, take a hike during this time and enjoy the beauty of what nature has to offer.

• Comfortable Temperature
During summer, your clothes will remain sticky and moist because of the intense and hot sun as well as the heavy humid air. Well, in the fall season, the temperature is cooler and drier making it easy and comfortable to go backpacking. There’s the brisk wind which keeps the air circulating normally allowing you to stay cool and your body builds up heat from the hiking.

During fall, there are shorter day which means the nights are colder, making them comfortable for sleeping. The chilly mornings will warm up gradually to a sunny and bright afternoon and layering comes in handy. The cooler air keeps your water cooler making it more refreshing than sipping on a hot can of water.

Less Bugs
Are you tired of getting bitten or eaten out by bugs when you’re hiking? Well, during fall, you can always leave your bug spray when you go hiking because there are fewer bugs out there. Note that, they don’t disappear completely then reappear again in the spring. However, since they are triggered by the short days, the insects will move to a warmer spot and they will find a good hiding spot anywhere. They can stay protected from the wind and hide from squirrels and birds.

• More Wildlife
There are few people on the trail meaning you will encounter more wildlife on the trail. Since the days are shorter, animals will often get busy before winter comes along. Therefore, you can always take lots of photos and have an amazing hike up and down the trail. Additionally, if you love hunting, you can always get the permits and enjoy your trip.

Therefore, if you’re planning on going hiking, wait till fall to get the best out of it.

If you go hiking in the winter, you still need to worry about bears! Check out the video below to see why.

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