In the mid-1960s, many forms of transportation we’re becoming commonplace and the nation became concerned about protecting wildlife and about the influx of air pollution. For that reason, President Johnson sponsored and passed the Wilderness Act which protects many wildlife preserves. When President Johnson first enacted this law there was only a little over nine million acres that were protected.

From the 1960s up until the present day the preservation system has grown from the original 9 million to over 109 million acres that include Parks, National Forest, Wildlife Preserves and these are all protected by the Bureau of Land Management. There is a total of 762 protected wilderness preserves but as much as that sounds like a lot, it only represents about 2% of the Continental US.

Some of the very first states that gained protection for its Wilderness areas were North Carolina, California, Idaho, Colorado and a half-dozen others states. Many conservationists lobbied for this law both to help in maintaining clean air by keeping National Forest and by preserving the country’s natural wildlife. President Johnson said that it was important that the future citizens of America should have a piece of the past and not just a world as it is after mankind got through with it.

How the amount of preserved land grew by such a significant amount was in large part due to President Jimmy Carter passing the conservation act that protects Alaskan National Interest. The protected lands are managed by several government agencies which include the Fish and Wildlife Service, the National Park Service, the U.S. Forest Service, and the Bureau of Land Management.

Logging companies and other corporations would likely destroy these lands if they were not protected by federal law. For that reason, it is important that American citizens continue to support the preservation of these lands.

Discover The Facts About The National Wilderness Preservation System In America