If you decide you want to venture out into the wilderness and go on a hike, there are some essentials that you need to know. After reviewing the 7 principals of the Leave No Trace policy, you want to make sure what you carry around with you and wear on your body is appropriate so you do not regret going into No Man’s Land. So we’ve put together list of our top 10 things to bring with you on a hike:

Shoes – Before you decide on what shoes to wear, it’s best to research the terrain you will be hiking on. For short walks any type of trail shoes are acceptable but if you are going out for hours you might want to invest in a pair of hiking boots.

Map – Most of the trails in West Virginia have a map of that specific area. Always bring a compass so you know which direction you are facing and can follow your map. Sometimes in the middle of nowhere, there’s no signal so bringing a GPS is not advised.

Water – on long walks you might get thirsty so bringing water is a great idea. If you run out of water and plan on drinking from lakes or rivers bring a way to purify the water.

Food – on long walks you will be burning a lot of calories and you will feel hungry. You do not want to faint.

Extra clothes – if you get wet, if you get muddy or if it gets cold, having extra clothing on hand will be beneficial.

Safety items – flashlight, whistle and lighter. Self explanatory

First Aid Kit – also self-explanatory

Knife – you never know when you will need to cut strips of clothing to help bandage someone (if you forget the above item) or when you will need to cut branches or vines out of your way.

Sunscreen – as you sweat the sunscreen begins to lose effectiveness. Reapply to make sure you stay safe.

Backpack – to carry the above items!

Hiking Hacks: 10 Things To Bring On A Hike