Most state parks in West Virginia are best enjoyed over fall, spring, and summer — but some are best suited to winter climates because of the state’s diverse, breathtaking environments. We’ve already discussed Blackwater Falls and Canaan Valley State Parks in previous posts, but keep in mind that they’re recommended for snow sports lovers as well. Any West Virginia state park is great for outdoors enthusiasts who enjoy hiking in snow. 

Pipestem Resort State Park is spread across 4,050 acres in Summers and Mercer counties. Visitors can stay at 26 cabins and two quaint lodges, although winter guests should take note that some lodgings will be closed for reservations until about May 2021. Call ahead to make reservations.  Pipestem is open all winter for cross-country skiers and sledders. There is even an outfitter on site offering rentals for visitors who cannot bring their own gear.

Another previously mentioned location of interest is the renowned Greenbrier River Trail State Park, which encompasses 78 miles of former railroad corridor for hikers and bikers — and even those who prefer to travel on horseback, though we don’t recommend it in winter. Greenbrier River Trail is the longest rail trail in West Virginia and actually one of the longest in the country. Those who venture here in winter will likely want to bring cross-country skis or snowshoes to travel easier.

Twin Falls Resort State Park in Mullens offers visitors scenic vistas of Wyoming County. There are 25 miles of trails with a golf course and swimming pool, and accommodations open year-round for the winter traveler. History buffs will want to check out Pioneer Farm to see what it used to be like in West Virginia during the first settlements. The park offers plenty of skiing and sledding opportunities at Winterplace Ski Area. There is also a winter cafe for those in need of a warm pick me up.

The Best State Parks To Enjoy This Winter