Getting outside to hike benefits your mental and physical health in many ways, according to New Jersey Employment Attorneys. Hiking allows you to commune with nature and it gets you outside with other people. You get fit and you have fun at the same time. Here are four health benefits of hiking and why you should incorporate hiking into your fitness routine.

Lose Weight

Obesity is on the rise and a lot of it has to do with the fact that we spend most of our days sitting down. Most people are not getting the exercise that they need and this is leading to weight gain. Hiking burns lots of calories because you are walking over different types of terrain and going long distances. Hiking is easy on your joints and you can burn 500 calories or more per hour when you hike. Hiking also boosts your metabolism so you keep burning calories after the hike.

Get Fit

Hiking tones your entire body and your butt, abs and hamstrings are going to get a fantastic workout. Hiking makes your bones stronger and it also strengthens your core. Your hips are going to get stronger and so are your leg muscles. If you want to make your back stronger you can put weights in a backpack. Start with light weights and gradually increase the size of the weights. This additional weight is also going to make your body burn more calories.

Lower Your Risk Of Disease

Regular hiking can lower your risk of many diseases. Your blood pressure is going to go down when you hike and you also reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke. Hiking regulates your blood sugar levels which is going to reduce your risk of getting diabetes. Your cholesterol levels are going to decrease which is good for your heart health. Your body will process glucose better which is good for your overall health. Studies show that regular hiking can also reduce your risk of getting some types of cancer, including colon and breast cancer.

Boost Your Mood

Getting out in the fresh air is going to boost your mood and being out in nature makes you feel better. You get to spend time in the sun which makes you feel good and if you hike with other people you are also going to enjoy being social which is a big mood booster. Hiking in nature will boost your creativity and you just feel better when you spend time outdoors. You are also less likely to get depressed when you hike and hiking makes you feel happier. These effects can last for a day or two.

Hiking allows you to explore new places and it will make you healthier at the same time. You get to explore new territory and the more you hike, the more you want to hike. If you are ready to get fit and you want to have fun while you are doing it, get out a map, lace up your hiking shoes, and hit the road.

Top Four Health Benefits Of Hiking